Apex makes engineering the foundation from which we insure the success of each product. Through our talented and experienced engineering team we apply state of the art techniques in design, prototyping, tool making, product testing and manufacturing execution.

Key Engineering Services


“Turn-key One-Stop Development” – Product development from concept to production in one seamless process

Based on the product details provided by the customer Apex / Gizmologies will provide a comprehensive evaluation and breadboard models. In addition to functional requirements, the design for efficient manufacture is incorporated into the engineering design process.


Engineering design with CAD/CAM

Apex has an extensive team of digitally trained engineers. Customers can provide product information in different formats including renderings, physical models and CAD files from which a final design is prepared.


Project management

The Apex engineering department is lead by experienced senior engineers that manage all aspects of each product to insure that the specifications are met and that the projects are completed on time and on budget. Each team leader works in concert with production planning department which makes for a seamless transition to production.


Design Confirmation and 24/7 engineering support

Apex’s engineering team is fully integrated to help customers to resolve problems found during the development process. If an issue arises, this on the spot response team insures problems are solved as quickly as possible.


Applying contemporary methodologies

As a full service product development provider of toys and consumer products, Apex utilizes state of the art design and prototyping. The critical link of years of experience combined with new technologies insures the best design and cost possible.



Gizmologies is the Apex the development arm. It offers complete creative, industrial design, development, engineering, manufacturing and support services to take your product  from concept to market.  Whether you are pursuing a market test prototype or a high volume production item, we will certainly meet your needs. By combining creative solutions with our clients’ ideas at all stages, we can pay close attention to detail throughout each project. We are committed to providing you with a shorter product to market time and a competitive price.


Mold Making

Apex is capable of making high quality molds for complicated parts with tight tolerances.  They are crafted by experienced mold making designers with state-of-the-art-computerized mold making equipment integrated with CAD/CAM systems.


Metrology laboratory

Recognizing the importance of the quality and safety of its products, Apex Manufacturing adopts multiple steps of quality control throughout the production process. We have quality control experts, processes, and systems in place that are continuously being reviewed and updated to ensure we are compliant with all specifications and regulations, both from government agencies and our customers. To insure the best quality, we inspect at each key phase of the production process.  This includes:

  • Incoming material before production
  • In-process quality control at every stage during production assembly
  • Finished goods inspection insuring high quality compliance with customer requirements